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It's Time To Up Your Standard Of Driving!

Hey this is Joe Clemons from Capital City Motor Company. Sick of driving a car you hate? Then RAISE THE BAR in a Nicer, Newer® car and you could lower your monthly payment at the same time!

With $10 down drive a '13 Nissan Versa or Toyota Yaris for just $155 per month! Or with $10 down drive a '13 Kia Soul or Chevy Cruze for just $168 per month!

Plus when you raise the bar, you’ll get MORE for your old car!

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I'm Joe Clemons and I'm a Dealer FOR The People.

Just give us a call at (515) 265-1467 or type in your information below and we'll get in touch with you.

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*Subject to approval. Some minimum requirements. Units D2970, 2923, 3016, 3006, 3% APR for 72 months, tax and fees extra.

Capital City Motor Company
2110 E. University
Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone: (515) 265-1467
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