Everyone’s so tied up with Halloween and getting ready for the holiday that my store’s starting to look like a ghost town! I’m getting really SCARED!

Joe Clemons here from Capital City Motor Company. I need to get live bodies in the door right now that’s why I’m helping you DRIVE FOR 5!

That’s right, you can drive a Nicer, Newer® car today for just $5 down!

PLUS, Trade in any car, DEAD OR ALIVE, and we’ll help you go home in a Nicer, Newer® ride with just $5 down!

Are you TERRIFIED your credit won’t get qualified? My For The People™ Credit Approval Process has the bankers moanin’ and groanin’ to keep on loanin’! We’ll find you an approval, even if you’ve been turned down before.

Say REST IN PEACE to that old thing you’re driving.
R . . . Rid yourself of your old beast
I . . . Invest only $5 down
P . . . Pick out a nicer, newer ride and drive home today

HURRY! My DRIVE FOR FIVE sale ends midnight on Halloween!

I’m Joe Clemons and I’m the Dealer FOR The People®.

Just give us a call at 515-265-1467 or type in your information below and we’ll get in touch with you.

*Some minimum requirements, all terms subject to approval.

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